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How do you capture a Pagination or Sorting event in javascript/jquery?


I have a JavaScript + HTML dashboard. I have a table In one of my panels. I would like to capture the event that is triggered when you move from page to page (pagination) on the table grid or when you are sorting a column. I have control over the row rendering event but that is not the same as pagination or sorting event. I would really appreciate if someone could shed some light on this. Thank you in advance.

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Splunk provides buildin pagination option for TableElement widget. U just need to trigger the event to fill the table with content.
Bydefault splunk provide 10 rows per page. So need not to use jquery concept for pagination.
Sample example is parsing json data into table contents.

|stats count |eval json1 = "{
\"widget\": {
\"text\": {
\"data\": \"Click here\",
\"size\": 36,
\"data\": \"Learn more\",
\"size\": 37,
\"data\": \"Help\",
\"size\": 38,
|spath input=json1|rename widget.text{}.* as *
| table widget.text, widget.text.data,widget.text.size

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