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How do I add dashboards that are only for MyApp to the navigation menu?


I am using the "Navigation menu" to add "All Dashboards" label to the bar with dynamic list view as source=all. This is listing all Global Apps, but I want to see Dashboards that are only for MyApp.

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Let me add more context and a suggestion. The page suggested by @mayurr98 does not solve this issue.

We have around 90 global shared dashboards. If we use the dynamics list with source=all you get all global dashboards and the ones created in the app.
We can refer to this apps' dashboards by using name=, but with this many apps and dashboards that is not really an option.

Basically what would work for us is possibility to use something like source=app to only show views/searches created in that app context, the same as in the dashboard and searches overview: all/this app/private.

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hey @kranthik

Refer below link

let me know if it helps!

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Hi @kranthik, can you be more clear with the requirement so that it's easier to suggest solutions?

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