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How do I add color format to HTML dashboard?



I converted a XML dashboard to HTML in Splunk 6.5, and noticed that the color format for my table is missing after the conversion. The original code in XML is as follows:

      <table id="table1">
        <search id="search1">
        <format type="color" field="priority">
          <colorPalette type="map">{"info":#5378AD,"low":#98BF3B,"medium":#F0BE1B,"high":#FF8800,"critical":#D25B3B}</colorPalette>

Can someone tell me how to add color formatting to the converted HTML dashboard? Do I just add it to the table1 TableElement properties?

Thank you!

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@here I have a similar issue with adding the HTML code for Splunk dashboard. The code is to set the color to a specific field in a panel with table representation.
I have added the below code, which is working fine for the number field

<format type="color" field="COUNT">
    <colorPalette type="minMidMax" maxColor="#D6563C" minColor="#FFFFFF">
    <scale type="minMidMax"></scale>

I would like to add the same code for a field which represents the time duration in the format of "HH:MM:SS". The above code is not supporting the time format.

Could anyone please help me in getting the right code to support the time format fields also.

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the format option still does not work in html.

i need to use a scale coloration for a dynamic table. but it's impossible for me to define a value.

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After converting to HTML seems like options remains empty in HTML, so seems like a bug.
"format": {"log_level": [{"type": "color", "options": {}}]},

The only example I found was for sparkline options for TableElement, and no information available for colorPalette {"INFO":#5378AD,"ERROR":#98BF3B,"WARN":#F0BE1B}. Since, the SplunkJS reference talks only about setting sparkline and not colorPalette through TableView/TableElement, I was unable to find what exact code to be put in options. Splunk should fix this and also update the Web Framework Documentation.

In your situation, I would suggest use Table Cell Highlighting example from the Simple XML Examples App to color the priority field based on values. The example use Simple XML Extensions, to introduce a custom cell render for the Table View using CSS to apply colors for specific cell values. See if that solves the need.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Editing table formats after converting to HTML is not an officially supported usage.

Hope this helps!