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How can I create a timechart with the number of splunk alerts triggered?

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I've set up a few splunk alerts to monitor our key indicators in our application
next to that I've set up a dashboard which shows the general health of the application

what I would like to do is show also a chart in my dashboard which shows how many alerts for a specific time frame were triggered by the Splunk alerts I configured

anyone have a clue how I can do this?

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This is the query to get the list of alerts fired within specific time range.

index="_internal" sourcetype="scheduler" thread_id="AlertNotifier*" NOT (alert_actions="summary_index" OR alert_actions="") | table _time user savedsearch_name status alert_actions

Once you have the list you can create different charts per your need.

e.g. Count of alert by user

above search...| chart count by user


you can see log files splunkd_access.log and scheduler.log and take this data and create dashboards

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