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I have a dashboard i have already converted to HTML (for use on a wall monitor), however i now need to makes some changes to this dashboard. (like add a new panel)

I have tried everything so i think im missing something. Even cloning the dashboard gives the same result (ie the clone is uneditable).

im also unable to choose this dashboard when i click "save as->dashboard panel , then choose existing dashboard , it does not show up as an option).


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@spunk311z once you convert Dashboard to HTML you use the advantages of Simple XML Framework and you will have to use Splunk Web Framework to create Panels, Viz and Searches. Refer to documentation for conversion from Simple XML to HTML and understanding the HTML Dashboard components: https://dev.splunk.com/enterprise/docs/developapps/webframework/usewebframework/convertsimplexml

However, could you please explain the specific reason for HTML dashboards as to what can not be done in Simple XML dashboard (with JS and CSS extensions if required)?

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HTML dashboards cannot be edited by Splunk. You'll need to use a different tool to make changes. Depending on the nature of the panel you want to add, you may be able to copy and modify an existing panel.

It doesn't help you now, but in the future consider cloning the dashboard to create a backup before converting it to HTML. Then you'll have something you can edit when it becomes necessary.

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