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Dynamic Dashboard Title with hideTitle=true - Show Filters not displayed after clicking Hide Filters

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I have a multpurpose dashboard/form that I needed to label based on url params I am setting in Nav. Form labels do not pick up on token values.

Based on another post I used hideTitle=true to hide the dashboard label and created an HTML panel with the dynamic title that sits below the fieldset. Problem is that now when hide filters link is used, show filters is no longer displayed.

Is it possible to move the show filters link into my HTML panel while leaving hide filters next to fieldset?

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as a work around, instead of having the filters in that top area, could you place them in their own panel?

    <panel> <input type="checkbox" token="show">
      <label>show filters</label>
      <choice value="true">Show</choice>
    <panel depends="$show$">
      <input type="radio" token="test">
        <choice value="1">1</choice>
        <choice value="2">2</choice>
        <choice value="3">3</choice>
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I considered that and it would certainly be an option.

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