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Duplicate value conflict


Hey ,

get the duplicate conflict error. I already check few posts here and tried changing field by label and field by value , i still get the error. There are no duplicates.

Below is the xml

<fieldset submitButton="false" autoRun="true">
    <input type="dropdown" token="field1" searchWhenChanged="true">
      <choice value="spatil">default</choice>
        <query>index="alpha_all_callsummary_ds"  user.username=*  call.lineType=VOIP|dedup user.username|table user.username</query>

Can someone please help me where am i going wrong in this.

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Remove this line completely:

<choice value="spatil">default</choice>

The search also has spatil so you are adding it twice.

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<choice value="spatil">default</choice>


<choice value="spatil">spatil</choice>

and see what happens.

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I'm not 100% sure, but it might have to do with the "." In the field name. Can you try to rename the field in your query to see if that works


I tried changing the name , it still gives the same error.

I tried on one more thing , When I give default value and keep the static option as well I get the error. But when I remove the static option and just keep default i dont get that error.

So not sure what is causing this error.

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It is likely because you have a value under user.username called spatil. So by creating the static option with the same value, it's creating a duplicate


That makes sense! That was helpful, thanks for the help!!

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