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Need help for the below, The sourcetypes has different values in it like below,

 index=a sourcetype=b |eval details=1 |

append [|search index=c sourcetype=d|eval details=2] |

append [|search index=e sourcetype=f|eval details=3]

|eventstats count by details| Pass%=count(pass)/total*100,2 Fail%=count(fail)/total*100,2 Error%=count(Error)/total*100,2 |table pass fail error total

I have a barchart with x-axis with details and y-axis %(pass%,fail%,error%) of ( pass fail error etc).When i click the details(x-axis) in barchart , the single value should show number of individual Pass,fail,error in trellis. Please let me know how this can be achieved .

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