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Display selected time range from default dashboard picker


I'd like to save the earliest time and latest time from a selection on the default dashboard time picker. When a user of the dashboard selects a Date&Time range I'd like to display that date and time range on the dashboard for clarity.

Best case would be putting that token in a title, second best would be adding a single value to display it.

Any suggestions? I tried using the token $field1$ but the search wouldn't run.

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Revered Legend

You can use following search to get the current selected time-range picker value.

|gentimes start=-1 | addinfo | convert ctime(*) | eval message="Total failed attempts ".info_min_time." to ".info_max_time | table message

Now you can run this search as a single value panel OR run as separate search element and setup tokens with value from the results (and then use the token in your title/label).