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We have created some dashboards in the Splunk 7.0 and the feedback from users is good, but they have also some wishes I could not find solution for so far.

One of them is to have a possibility to expand a panel / chart visualization to the full-screen mode as there are quite some data presented there.
Is it possible in any way?
I mean one could jump into the search of the panel and then go to the visualization tab, but perhaps there is a better way for that I am not able to see ...

Second is, that my enduser is utilizing the zoom option quite heavily in order to zoom into the time frame he is interesting in. What he does then is quite often to take a screenshot of the chart ... and he complains about the "Reset Zoom" image being there in the middle and it would appear in the screenshot. Is there any way to change the position of the "Reset Zoom" that it stays more in the corner?

Third is, that we have quite long terms in the chart legend so they get cut. Is there any way to get them displayed in full when doing mouse over on the chart legend?

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