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I am wiring together a TimeRangePicker and a HiddenSearch/HiddenChartFormatter in order to display visualization for some statistics. I observe that in the real-time mode (let's say "5 minute window") the time axis is split in 1 minute ticks/intervals. My data gets indexed into Splunk once every 20 seconds, and in consequence auto updates the visualization. I would like to have also 20 seconds tick on the time axis so that it is clear when the date arrived. Any idea how what kind of customization should be done in order to obtain what I described above ?


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Hello leustan,

did you try

| timechart span=20s


It is referenced here: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/5.0.2/SearchReference/Timechart#More_examples


Yes, I did. I tryed several values for the span , and everytime I get 1 min tics

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