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Custom Cluster Map Drilldown By Lat / Long Bounds


I am currently working on creating a drill down search from a custom cluster map. I want a set of data associated between the Latitude & Longitudinal values depending on the zoom of the map & user click. I can get my xml subquery to work when I bound the upper limit of Latitude and Longitude, but if I try to bound by both the upper and lower limits, the page that appears has the about:blank webpage. The xml code for my drilldown is below. Can anyone help on how to limit these values and have the search window appear & work (note the below code works, just does not limit on all sides like required). Or is there a different approach that I may not know of?

      <link target="_blank">
          search?q=index=my_index sourcetype="my_source"

          | eval PresentedCapacity_TB=(PresentedCapacity/1024)
          | dedup Array HOST
          | table Lat Long DataCenter Array HOST PresentedCapacity_TB
          | search (Lat>=$click.bounds.south$ ) AND (Long>=$click.bounds.west$ )
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