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I have access to just splunk web, and can edit simple xml, but only view the code for advanced xml by appending 'dashboard_name/?showsource=advanced' at the end of the URL.

I have made some changes in the advanced xml and need to apply them to the dashboard.

I do not have access to the below directories, nor do I know where they are located.



Is there any way I will be able to save the changes I have made to the advanced xml?

Thanks in advance

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If you are using Splunk Cloud, you won't be able to do that yourself. You could file a ticket and work with Support to get your changes in place. What are you trying to do that requires advanced XML instead of simple XML?

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Thankyou for the response Chris.

I need to overlay two values in one chart with a common X axis and a Y axis on either side

chart 1 - Area chart: No. of requests per server (X axis - server, Y axis on left side - no. of requests)
chart 2 - Area chart : Average Response time per server (X axis - server, Y axis on right side - average response time)

Please refer to https://answers.splunk.com/answers/452756/why-is-my-chart-overlay-not-working.html to view the code I am using and detailed information.

In the link above, I have mentioned chart 2 as line chart, but my requirements have changed now and I need them both to be area charts.

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Revered Legend

Which Splunk version you're working on? If Splunk 6.x, then do you see and Edit button (kinda dropdown) -> Edit source option on the top right corner of the dashboard?

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Thankyou somesoni2. Edit source gives us the option to edit the simple xml, I need to edit the code for advanced xml as I have made changes to <modules>

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