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Could you help me with the following search queries and then help me turn the information into a piechart?

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Good evening guys,

I'm new using this tool, and actually, I have the following tasks to do. I want to ask you if I did well on this one and if you could me help with any tasks I'm missing:

I was deploying Splunk in a VM (Linux - Ubuntu). Splunk by itself generated events, and my tasks are the following:

  • Amount of different indexes - Single value
    A:/ index=_* | stats distinct_count(index)
    As a single value in screen it show me "4".

  • Index with the highest event count - Single value
    A:/ I did index=_* | stats count by index | sort - count", it show me "_internal as the highest value

  • Indexes distribution events:
    _internal - timechart.
    _thefishbucket - timechart

I don't understand yet. Could someone who understands this please explain it to me because I don't get it...

I don't know if is something like index=_internal | timechart count usenull=f useother=f | sort - count would work...

  • Show in a pie chart the percentages of the total of events. A:/ I did the following, in the tab "Dashboard", I created a pie panel with this information index=_* | stats count by index. Eventually, it showed me a pie chart with the information that I needed (that's what I think)

I don't know if the points that I solved are fine.

Beforehand, I appreciate your help with this topic.

Warm regards,

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Hi @hurt,

I can tell you that much:
You made a fine decision choosing Splunk and joining us "the Splunkers" on their ever-awesome journey with this product.
New people to Splunk are most-likely best off learning about the product in an easy way using the following link:

This link and the links on the site will give you a better understanding about what an awesome plattform splunk is.

Get back to me after that, if you have any further questions. 🙂


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