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I would like to change the color of the hole instance. We have to setups, one for testing and one for productive. I'm often simultaneous in both and have in both multiple tabs open. So I would like to color one in red (productive) and the other in blue(test) to see in which I'm actually are, to don't do anything in prod what I would like to do in test.

I've found a lot of answers here but all a found is per app. I would like to change the hole session. What I mean is this bar which is shown in this picture:

alt text

Only the black bar I would like to change.

Thx for help in advance.

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You can edit your default.xml and add a color="#<HexColorCodeHere>" setting to it like this:

<nav search_view="search" color="#CC33CC">

Go to Settings -> User interface -> Navigation menus and click on default to edit it inside of your app.

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If it was possible, I'm guessing you would need to edit files which would be overwritten when your installation is updated. This would not be ideal.

Instead, I suggest using a change in the Navigation Menu, which would persist after an update. However, that also may not be ideal. Check this answer to see what I'm talking about: https://answers.splunk.com/answers/657095/where-is-my-app-navigation-bar-color-in-splunk-71.html


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