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Cell Highlighting with cell dependency


Hey folks,

table cell highlighting with javascript and css, as explained in the dashboard examples, works pretty fine.
But I am trying to build a highlighting for cell values, depending on a second column.

       test1   test2
row1     1       1   
row2     0       1      

I want to highlight all cells, where test2 has the same value as test1.
I've tried a lot of if loops and none of it seemed to work.
Has anyone found a way?

thanks in advance!

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inside your application.js for your view Splunk.util.getCurrentView() (Splunk.Module.SimpleResultsTable) {
Splunk.Module.SimpleResultsTable = $.klass(Splunk.Module.SimpleResultsTable, {

onResultsRendered: function() {
if(jQuery(this).childrens[1].innerHTML == jQuery(this).childrens[2].innerHTML )


correct some sintax error in this code

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