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Can you use a token in the Description of a dashboard?


I have a dashboard/form that has a label and a description. I would like to display a token value in the description.


  <label>Metric Dashboard</label>
  <description>Data displayed here is current as of $as_of_Time$ on $as_of_Date$</description>

But currently this does not work and only displays the exact text I put in the XML. I have successfully created the global search and defined the tokens, and they work as expected if I call them from inside a panel.

I am wondering if this is a limitation specifically against the top level label and description tags.


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@JWBailey your issue seems to be similar to the following question. Can you refer to my recent answer for the same? https://answers.splunk.com/answers/735134/dynamic-text-on-dashboard-description-area.html#answer-735...

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