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Can I specify only specific items in my advanced dashboard time picker drop down?

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Version 4.1.1

I am using advanced dashboard with the timerange picker option that is used by all the panels. I want to have a customized timerange picker drop down with only a few items such as:

Last 15 minutes Last 60 minutes Last 4 hours

and not the others.

Is it possible?


Maybe instead of using a TimeRangePicker try using the StaticSelect module.

 <module name="StaticSelect" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col1">
  <param name="settingToCreate">time_setting</param>
  <param name="label">Choose the Time Range</param>
  <param name="selected">-1h</param>
  <param name="searchWhenChanged">True</param>
  <param name="staticFieldsToDisplay">
   <param name="label">-1h</param>
   <param name="value">-1h </param>
   <param name="label">-4h </param>
   <param name="value">-4h </param>

<module name="ConvertToIntention">
 <param name="settingToConvert">time_setting</param>
 <param name="intention">
 <param name="name">stringreplace</param>
 <param name="arg">
 <param name="time">
 <param name="value">$target$</param>

Then in your hidden search just have earliest=$time$

<module name="HiddenSearch" autoRun="True" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col1">
 <param name="search">(your search) earliest=$time$ | timechart count by User</param>

Hope this helps.


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Yes it is possible, but not striaghtforward.

If you were to reproduce this view in a custom app, then you could simply define a new times.conf within that app containing only the timeranges you want to see. However, that would mean that the TimeRangePicker module in every view inside that app would also be limited.

Another method involves coding specific actions for that module on a per-view basis, which isn't easily done unless you are familiar with the Splunk UI architecture. Our Professional Services team could likely deliver this in about half a day, so if it's something that's critical to your deployment you may want to consider involving theme

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