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Can I import the contents into an html tag data in any way in Simplexml?



=================================== Simplexml ===================================
<[fieldset submitButton="false"]>
<[style type="text/css"]>
.single-value .single-result {
font-size: 45px;
<[input type="time" token="time_ok1" searchWhenChanged="true"]>
<[html id="element1"]>

<[ul class="lst"]>

<[li class="bx"]>
<[dd]>search<[/dd]> <<<<< I want to put the data in the tags using the search statement.(SingleValue)


Which should I approach?

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This may be possible using the Custom Token example from the Splunk 6 Dashboard Examples App available at https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1603/

Once installed, go to http://your_host:8000/en-US/app/simple_xml_examples/custom_app_token and see if you can adapt this to your case.

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You need the xmlkv command like this:

... | xmlkv


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