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Can I create an Image Map in my html view?

Currently, I am using the Server Side Include in one of my views to make a custom view.


In my html for this view, i am referencing an image using Splunk's Add Images to Web Resource (http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Developer/UseHTML).

Usually, to make an image map I do something like this:

but, I cannot do this using splunk because I am already referring to my image in my html as:
img src="${make_url('/static/app/app here/dash.png')}" ( with the <& </'s)

BUT I want to create an image map, using parts of my image as links to different locations.
Is this possible??

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Have you tried using IFrameInclude instead of ServerSideInclude... I have seen "weird" things when using serversideinclude.



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I've tried but never gotten the result I wanted.
I added the following code: but I keep getting this message Splunk cannot find the test2 view.

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