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Using Splunk version 6. I would like to make a radialGauge a drilldown, but apparently that doesn't work. So, I decided to create a button on my dashboard. Unfortunately, the dashboard causes the entire dashboard to not render.

Here is an example. I've tried moving the button all around inside the pulldown module. Any suggestions?

  <module name="PulldownSwitcher" layoutPanel="panel_row2_col2" group="Tickets - Unassigned">
  <param name="mode">independent</param>
  <param name="label"> </param>

  <module name="Button">
    <param name="label">View Details</param>
<module name="Redirector">
    <param name="url">http://google.com?q=something</param>

  <module name="HiddenSavedSearch" group="All Unassigned" autoRun="True">
    <param name="savedSearch">Helpdesk - Tickets - Unassigned</param>
     <module name="HiddenChartFormatter">
      <param name="chart">radialGauge</param>
      <param name="charting.chart.rangeValues">[0,5,15,20]</param>
      <param name="primaryAxisTitle.text">Date</param>
      <param name="secondaryAxisTitle.text">Tickets</param>
      <param name="legend.placement">right</param>
      <module name="JobProgressIndicator"/>
      <module name="JSChart">
        <param name="width">100%</param>
        <param name="height">300px</param>
      </module> <!-- JSChart -->

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Thank you! I might have sideviews, but I was intentionally avoiding them! I will take a look at the static content example! Thanks again!

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I'm checking the XML reference, and I'm not seeing any built-in 'Button' modules. I believe the button module is a part of the Sideview Utils package. Do you have that installed as well? If not, that's likely your problem.

Another route you could take that doesn't require reliance on Sideview, is to use a StaticContentSample module and then render your button using traditional html/css/js/whatever.

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I did have the module in the wrong spot. I corrected this, but it did not resolve the issue. I belive moving the button module around caused me to paste it wrong. I put the dashboard back, and when I add this:

View Details


The entire dashboard breaks. Including other switchers, and even the pull down contents are empty.

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Perhaps it's copy-and-paste error, but it looks like you're missing a tag.

If this reply helps you, Karma would be appreciated.
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