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Add a token on the end of a URL.


I am using the SolarWinds plugin, and I want to be able to click the device and it takes me to the device page in SolarWinds. 

I have taken the link from the SolarWinds and added the $LinkToken$ to the end but it is not taking me there. 

Any advice on handling this? I am creating a dashboard using Splunk studio.

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a) Double check in a browser the actual link you need.

b) Hard  code a link into the same placed in the dashboard, does that work?

c) Print out/display the actual $LinkToken$ that you are appending to the string, what does it look like?

d) Compare your manual "I just checked it in a browser" link with the one being generated in Splunk, they will differ somewhere - where are they different?

I suspect the above steps will help you find where it's going wrong. 


Happy Splunking,


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