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Splunk Training for All - Meet Splunk Learner, Katie Nedom

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If you’re hearing more and more about Splunk Education these days, it’s because Splunk has a renewed ethos – to expand our learning opportunities and lower the barriers to entry for anyone, anywhere who wants to develop in their career and feel more confident navigating our highly-technical world. 

Katie’s Curiosity is Piqued   

Katie Nedom, a current MBA student in the business school at Cal Poly, wanted to expand her knowledge in the tech space in preparation for her future career goals, so she spent part of her holiday break taking free, self-paced training courses from Splunk. 

As a graduate student, Katie is entrenched in academia and learning. The idea of taking self-paced training seemed like a really valuable use of her break and she was curious about ways she could round out her knowledge. So, she checked out the catalog of free, self-paced training from Splunk, created an account, and easily enrolled in two Splunk courses. 

A Boost of Confidence

After taking “What is Splunk,” and “Introduction to Splunk,” Katie was hooked. “When I learn something new, my self-confidence really improves,” she said, “The boost of confidence I receive from accomplishing something is an addicting feeling that drives my passion to continue learning and improving.”

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Knowledge for All

“I think it’s crucial for the success of marketers and anyone operating in the business of technology to get their hands into the actual product and understand the foundation of what they are promoting,” she said. “Having easy accessibility to take these courses certainly reinvigorated my interest in technology and helped me feel more confident.” She admits that learning new things outside of her field is intimidating, but she was excited to “act on that little seed of curiosity” to challenge herself. 

More Self-paced Training, Please

Katie said she would be extremely likely to take more self-paced, online learning again if the topic makes her curious. “Curiosity is enough to get me started, but self-competitiveness is what drives me to finish. It’s that commitment in a self-guided curriculum that is the ultimate reward.” Katie now believes that easily accessible online courses will be part of her learning journey. “They are a fantastic way to challenge myself, while dedicating time to exploring my curiosity and my passions.”


We are so grateful to Katie for sharing her experience with the Splunk Community. If you are also the curious and self-competitive type, maybe these courses will fulfill those needs for you too! You can check out the catalog of free, self-paced courses here

Happy Learning! 

— Callie Skokos, Representing the Splunk Education Crew



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