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Humans That Splunk: Meet Martin Müller

Community Manager
Community Manager

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Martin Müller holds a strong background in software engineering and, as a Senior PS Consultant, he has worked on millions of Splunk deployments at all stages. As a SplunkTrust MVP five times over, and in his eight years of using Splunk, Martin says he still hasn't gotten bored of it yet. 🙏

"The incredible helpfulness of everyone in the community was amazing from day one!"

Martin started using Answers as a resource from the get-go and then embraced using the Splunk Community Slack channel for more direct interactions (previously IRC for those in the know). He sees new use cases for Splunk on a weekly basis and enjoys this "giant global family" filled with people here to help, challenge, share creations, and make fun with/of one another. 

"I get to help users be smarter and more efficient about using their data."

martinawards_photo.jpegLike so many other Splunk community members, attending .conf is a way of replicating positive community connections like these. Martin says it's amazing to get to meet his community family in person, often for the first time. "Hallway-Con" is also something he missed this year during .conf20, as it's a great way to meet people, chat, and deep-dive into technical details while having food and drinks together. One plus, though, was, "not sharing the Wi-Fi with 15,000 of your closest friends 🤣." His best advice for maximizing your .conf experience? Don't overload your schedule. We hope you all figured that one out on your own!

"The atmosphere of a thousand brains churning in a room is irreplaceable."

That's an epic (and wildly accurate) way of describing what it's like to be at .conf! Well, I can assure you, we could definitely feel everyone's brains on the other side of the screen. But, like, not in a creepy, Halloween-y kind of way.

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— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

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