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Global Splunk User Group Week is Back! (April 4th → April 8th)

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

It’s Back: Global Splunk User Group Week!

usergroupsweek.pngIt starts on April 4th, all across the globe. Microphones checked, dashboards updated, community energized. Splunk User Group leaders all around the world have prepared for this - Global Splunk User Group Week, April 4-8, 2022. Last year we launched this program for the first time, and we're even more excited about this second installment! This time nearly all of these events are hybrid (virtual + in-person) and there are a few that are only in-person. This will be noted on the event page!

Why You Should Join!

Global Splunk User Group Week is one of our many community rally cries. It’s our chance to come together, both within and across our user groups, to start this year off with energy, momentum, and enthusiasm. It’s an opportunity for well-established groups to strengthen and grow membership; it’s an opportunity for newer or less active groups to find renewed inspiration and connection, and it’s an opportunity to cross-promote and grow the program worldwide.

Splunk User Groups provide geo-based options for you to connect with peers, learn the latest technologies, and dive deep into all-things-Splunk. Members come from all kinds of industries, companies, and backgrounds, ranging from novice to expert levels. Everyone is encouraged to attend their local events and check out a few global ones in a rare opportunity to connect across regions.


When: April 4th-8th (Local Time)

Where: Worldwide! Start at, find your group, and sign up!

Which Events: Start with your local event, and then if any virtual events around the world interest you, sign up for those too! (See list below).

Questions? Contact Renée Woods at


(Note: All events are updated as of 3/29, and we'll continue to update this list as any additional events are scheduled!)



Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

  • Cairo, Egypt (4/4) uberAgent ESA - Sysmon alternative and application performance monitoring in a single lightweight agent
  • Cologne, Germany (4/6) Back in Person (Hybrid) - SplunkUI & uberAgent ESA
  • Edinburgh, Scotland (4/5) Edinburgh celebrates Global Splunk User Group Week 2022!
  • Helsinki, Finland (4/6) Splunk User Group Helsinki, virtuaalinen tapaaminen 6.4.2022, klo 17 - 19
  • Madrid, Spain (4/5) Hablemos de Splunk IT Essentials & friends
  • Vienna, Austria (4/7) First onPrem Meeting - Fancy Data Challenges

— Michelle Schlachta, Community + Content at Splunk

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