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Announcing... *New* Community Personalization Features!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Fabulous Splunk Community!

You might have noticed something new in Community... options for personalizing your community profile! We're very excited to share that we're enhancing our community experience to pave the way for personalizing and customizing your experience throughout the site.

Now... members will have the option to add "Personalization Information" on their profiles, and we've added some call-outs in the site's header and right-hand rail. The information you add here will include:

  • Your responsibility or use of Splunk (Are you a Splunk Admin? A Power User? A Developer? etc.)
  • Your practice areas (Do you work in IT? Security? Application Development? etc.)
  • Products you use most (Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Cloud Platform, ES, etc.)
  • Your industry 

Additionally, our call-outs also prompt you to consider adding a Bio if you haven't already.

What will we do with these data points?

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 4.50.44 PM.pngFirst, only your Bio will be part of your public profile. The personalization data points are private and will help us customize your experience, serve up content or areas that may be of interest, and invite you to special interest-driven areas as they are added to the platform.

Adding these additional data points is, of course, completely optional and it's part of how we'd like to fulfill our promise to you all... to provide you with the connection, learning, and enjoyment you appreciate from our community. 


What's next?

The personalization data will help us understand where and how to customize the site and your ways of experiencing the site. In the next few months, we plan to design and launch a responsive experience and open up new practice-based discussion areas, so you can talk shop amongst community peers that understand you best. More on these next steps soon!

Getting started with Personalization...

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 5.05.14 PM.pngWe're taking some big bold steps, and we'll need your help. We'd love for you to check out the new features and share as much of your role, practice, and product use as you're comfortable with, and we've tried to make it pretty easy.

You'll see some call-outs in the site header and right-hand rail... just click to jump to the new personalization section of your profile and tell us a little more about yourself. That's it!

There might just be a little something special for the earliest of adopters. 😉 And if you've got some feedback, we're all ears. Sound off in the comments below, or shoot me a private message!


Bryan Jennewein, Sr. Director - Splunk Community

Note: Does the site look... a little wonky to you? It happens sometimes with big deployments (like this one!), so if things "look weird" try clearing your cache and cookies, or just reach out!

Community Manager
Community Manager



Amazing. I was really waiting for this feature finally I have and my bio. Thanks @bjennewein indeed it's a nice feature.

Community Manager
Community Manager

❤️ these new features - super awesome to have this rolled out! 🌟

Path Finder

this is fantastic! I assume that there are or will be ways to search for comments blogs etc by people with specific skills or platforms selected in their profiles?


that would be awesome!