Need help to setup a configuration dashboard.


I would like to have a dashboard where I can control what other dashbord to see.
This is to hide one or several dashboard from the menu that I or other does not need.
I know that this can be done use isVisible="false" command on top of the dashboard.
But how to set this from a master/controller dashboard?
How to pass token from a configuration dashboard.

<form hideFilters="true" theme="dark" isVisible="$TrafficView$">

Where TrafficView is set globaly

Or can this be done by another way? Like a first time run config dashboard?
Google did not give my anything that I could use.

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How about grouping the dashboard (views) under a collection and giving appropriate roles, so only users with certain roles can see them?

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Since this is a tool for normally one user to use, and that one user may not need all dashboards.
This should be a configuration option, so every user could select what to see.
Many of the Dashboard does have many panels, so adding all dashboard to one and select panels is not an option.

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