Multiple Blocked Queues on Multiple Hosts

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I run the query below every so often to see if there are any blocked queues and most of the time I see results when I run the query, the type of queues that are blocked sometimes include: indexqueue, typingqueue, structuredparsingqueue, aeq, parsingqueue, splunktcpin, aggqueue, auditqueue, and nullqueue.
Is there a reason that there is always some sort of queue that is being blocked and is there a particular queue that if blocked can have serious negative effects? Also any documentation on what each queue is meant for could also be helpful.

index=internal group=queue | eval percfull=((currentsizekb/maxsizekb)*100) | search percfull>80 blocked=true | dedup host, name | table _time host name currentsizekb maxsize_kb

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Re: Multiple Blocked Queues on Multiple Hosts


The common cause of unhealthy queues is slow disk I/O rates. Very complicated regex strings can also slow the indexer and cause queues to back up.
See,, and for some helpful information.

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