How do I subscribe to new questions related to apps I've written?

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I want to be emailed when someone asks a question about this app. How do I do that?

I see that you can subscribe to questions that hit certain "tags".... And I see there is a "tag" like thing that links to my app. But I don't can't seem to find my app tag in the lists of tags. Is there a trick I'm missing?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Just start typing your app name in the subscribe box... it auto-completes it and subscribes. I can't figure any other way.

For instance, click the link on your app tag on your question, it goes to ...

In the "Email Notifications" box which is empty for some reason (that seems to be a bug in the answers site), just type your app name "RunSavedSearch alert action" (without quotes, obviously), and hit subscribe. While you're typing, you should get a drop down indicating that the site knows it's a tag ... even though, you know ... it's not really?