How do I predict the monthly data using predict command in splunk?

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Sample Data;
Month Year X1
5 2015 220
6 2015 210

7 2015 225


Predicted results:

Month year x1
8 2015 220
9 2015 223.4

I have three years of data. any suggestion would be helpful.

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Re: How do I predict the monthly data using predict command in splunk?


I am assuming you had a look at the predict command documentation -

Now, you need to try the various algorithm options as mentioned in the table. If your data is seasonal / periodic etc. , your algorithm option should be based on that. I suggest starting with LLP5 and LLP first.
2 key points to remember
1-Please specify a holdback period, this will allow you to see how accurate your predictions are. from the document above - holdback
Syntax: holdback=
Description: Specifies the number of data points from the end that are not to be used by the predict command. Use in conjunction with the futuretimespan argument. For example, 'holdback=10 futuretimespan=10' computes the predicted values for the last 10 values in the data set. You can then judge how accurate the predictions are by checking whether the actual data point values fall into the predicted confidence intervals.
Default: 0
2-Remember , your data must have some underlying pattern for a algorithm to be successful. Try out the algorithm options with holdback and one of them should fit your use case,

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