Distributed Deployment

Dear Team,

We have a splunk 5.x version setup in our Office Environment as follows:

Splunk Server with "N" number of Forwarders.

Now, we need to add one new box with search heads and the splunk servers will act as Indexers.

Will it be possible ? Am i on right track.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Distributed Deployment



To add a Search Head to your installation, install Splunk Enterprise and follow the following procedure:
Now, any search you run on your search head will be distributed to your search peers (Indexers).

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Re: Distributed Deployment

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Makes perfect sense. The current server can function as the indexer and the new one(s) would be the search heads.

The best practice when moving from one Splunk server to multiple servers, is to keep the original server as the indexer, as you planned on doing.

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