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using if or where conditions to add new entry

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I am trying to add an entry that is missing from spreadsheets based on paired numbers. If a pair is identified and the output only listed one of the two items, is there a command to add the second item to an entry directly below the first? I have something like this already, but I am having trouble using where, if or other commands to populate the missing entry>

|inputlookup paired_dataset|search application=* host=nyc* OR host=bos*|dedup host| if status="pair identified" (add missing to the line below??)
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sample output. Trying to append the csv missing row in "pair id" 48 that is out of order and host must be referenced for different purpose

pair id host name status
45 bos03 Smith Complete
45 nyc03 Jones Pending
47 bos06 Smith Pending
47 nyc06 Park Complete
48 nyc07 Smith Complete
48 *** MISSSING**** but in csv spreadsheet
49 bos08 Smith Complete
49 nyc08 Smith Pending

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could you give some sample data and expected output?

i think you might be able to do this with appendpipe followed by another stats command to join it all together.

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