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splunk kafka connector SSL setting

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hi all, I am trying to set up a POC to use the connector. The splunk HEC end point is SSL enabled and the cert does not match the end point and the connector is throwing this error. The HEC end point has a splunk signed cert (CN=SplunkServerDefaultCert)

[2019-12-02 10:58:19,689] ERROR encountered io exception (com.splunk.hecclient.Indexer:143) Certificate for doesn't match any of the subject alternative names: []

What configuration can I setup so the connector does not perform host name validation? I have no control on the splunk side

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If you trust the host, you can either ignore the SSL validation at all by using this setting in the connector instance configuration (the one that you will create by using curl POST)

"splunk.hec.ssl.validate.certs": "false" 

 or you can add CA that was used to sign the HEC certificate to a truststore and

option 1: let SC4K connector instance know to use it when you are configuring the connector instance (using curl)

    "": "<KEYSTORE_LOCATION>",   // ~/cert/keystore.jks

option 2: configure the Connect Worker to use it in the  file




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