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i´m quite new to all this.

 We aim to to integrate splunk to Remedy and later on ITSI/remedy to be able to create tickets etc.  

I´ve been told from our Remedy expert that we can´t use the Splunk Add-on for BMC Remedy because.

"splunk addon seems to be built for ITSM which is a pre built module from BMC. We have a custom made"

Anyone who has any opinions/input regarding his statement?
If we´re not able to use the addon, any recommendations on how to proceed?


regards Jonte

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Hi @johan,

I have observed few things after installing and testing the Splunk Add-on for BMC Remedy with ITSI. Below is the list of my findings.​

  • ​The TA can be installed and used for Ticket creation and all the functionalities are working fine.
  • The Assignee group will be taken by default by the Splunk TA. No control over the assignee group.​
  • It is because the Splunk TA WSDL Action(parameter) is using as PROCESS_EVENT for ticket creation. Whereas it supposed to be used Action as CREAT_INCIDENT for ticket creation.​
  • The CI information is not processing by TA correctly. So, we can't control the Assignee group.​

In order to proceed, you need to create the Custom Addon by using Splunk Add-on builder.

  • Create a Separate WSDL and username and password in order to access Remedy.
  • And develop a script to Pass the payload in XML format to remedy.
  • Before passing the payload test the payload in the SOAP UI.


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thanks for a thorough answer 🙂

Will check this out. 


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