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smart exporter pdf app error - ERROR STARTTLS extension not supported by server


We have configured Smart PDF exporter app with required parameters and configured scheduled delivery of dasjboard PDF, the dashboard PDF gets generated locally and stored on temp path provided duing setup, however sending mail action fails with error "ERROR STARTTLS extension not supported by server" message in "smartexporter_service.log" file. has anyone seen similar problem?

Thanks in Advance,

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A bit of Slack (thank you chris_b), gooling, etc. and managed to get it running

The following script is not perfect,

For my environment which doesnt use TLS and authentication (test env), I had to comment out the following lines from the script:

Basically to remove authentication and enter dummy email_user and email_password during setup.

To disabled TLS.

These changes should be included into the package by default with simple checks.

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Unfortunately the app also breaks on newer Splunk versions such as 7.3, while I made various changes to make it work I have not found a good replacement yet!

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