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litsearch license - Splunk license expired or exceeded your license limit

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Hi, we have suffered another issue with this error. We tried to mitigate the problem from before by creating pools and capping the pool size for the splunk indexer causing the problem but we appear to have restricted the pool too far without noticing. Now we cannot search from this indexer.

Please can you have a reset license and a discussion about why this is happening asap.
We have an enterprise license, and I should be authorised to raise support calls but at this time I am unable to raise a call via the support portal and the telephone number just reverts to an answerphone before being cut off.

please can you contact me asap.



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Hi stevebremner,

try calling any of the European numbers you find here to get support.

cheers, MuS

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Thanks - I did actually try that but the phone line kept being put through to a voicemail 😞

We have been sent a reset of the license now anyway.


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