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how to configure websphere JMX metrics in splunkWAS app of splunk

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i installed splunk where websphere application server is installed and i deployed splunkWAS app in splunk and i followed and configured jmx metrics setting given in the link

But i not found any results in performance dashboards, my websphere application server 6.1 having multiple profiles.

In the splunkWAS app configure page i given the

1 Path of server profile (required): /webapp/WebSphere/AppServer

2 Server Admin credentials (required for JMX metrics): i given username and password in for different profiles.

3 JMX Metrics Inputs: enabled

4 by default PMI is enable in Webspher application server admin console.

but i did not found any results in performance dashboard in websphere application server app in splunk.

plz can any one tell me where i am doing wrong.

plz provide any other configurations i need to enable for getting the results in performance dashboards or provide any document useful for me.

Note: I noticed that CPU utilization is increasing when i am using splunkWAS app in splunk

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Hopefully this will help. We are using WAS v7, but with the splunk_forwarder_addon_was app. The instructions for installation are partly incorrect.

In /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/apps/splunk_forwarder_addon_was/bin you need SplunkWAS7.jar (which I got from the SplunkWAS app as it wasn't included in the splunk_forwarder_addon_was).

You also need a subdirectory called SplunkWAS7_lib containing and which can be pulled from the WAS installation.

In /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/apps/splunk_forwarder_addon_was/local the most important file that was completely wrong in the instructions was was_dmgr.conf. The error I kept getting was "Can't load cell information from was_dmgr.conf" so I decompiled the WAStest.class from in the SplunkWAS7.jar to check what it was looking for. It uses these fields:

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

First check to see whether you have a wsadmincommands.conf in SplunkWAS/local/ directory. If you do, copy and paste the line command (replace the password with your real password) in wsadmincommands.conf, and run it in the shell to see if it can return any result. If you can see the log, then try to do it without the password. Please post back if the screen return any error message .

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