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how Independent stream forwarder app on Linux machine, forwards netflow data to Indexer's in clustered environment?

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The Splunk environment has 2 Indexers (Clustered) and 1 Search Head.
There is a dedicated Linux machine which is forwarding the NetFlow data received on port 9998,
to the indexers.

The streamfwd.conf is set like below:


httpEventCollectorToken = 06e31ecb-61e7-4f5d-bf7e-5651dbbc125a
ipAddr =
indexer.0.uri =
indexer.1.uri =

netflowReceiver.0.ip =
netflowReceiver.0.port = 9998
netflowReceiver.0.decoder = netflow
logConfig = streamfwdlog.conf
dedicatedCaptureMode = 0
netflowReceiver.0.protocol = udp
netflowReceiver.0.decodingThreads = 16 = 258

tcpServer.0.address =

tcpServer.0.port = 80

The data is being sent to both Indexers.
But around 97% of the data is being sent to Indexer no. 2.

Is there any logic how the streamfwd sends which data to which Indexer,
or does it need to send all the data to both the Indexers?
How does streamfwd work in clustered environments?

Thanks a lot.

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