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does the PDF server run on the universal forwarder?

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I need to install PDF server app on a separate machine from my index server/master license server

  1. Is PDF server App supported on Splunk 4.2 UNIVERSAL Forwarder? or i need to install it on the heavy forwarder?
  2. If PDF server App is supported only on the Splunk heavy forwarder? Since i have disabled the Splunk web to reduce footprint, how do I manually (using CLI or VI the configuring files) install the Splunk license and convert it to slave license server pointing to the master license server (on a separate machine)


1) the PDF server app requires that you have an Enterprise license installed, and it also requires Python, so it will not run on the universal forwarder.

2) you can use the CLI commands described here (the Add command in particular) to install and configure the license behavior of your heavy forwarder:

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