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What is the use of URLLoader??

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For what purpose URLLoader module from SideViewUtils is used. Is it useful in passing value from one view to another view when we use redirection??

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Re: What is the use of URLLoader??


Yes. See the examples and documentation in the Sideview Utils app.

In short,

  • you put Redirector in places where you would have used ViewRedirector in the old system. Typically you nest it inside a FlashChart module or a SimpleResultsTable module.

  • Redirector is configured with params like 'url', '', 'arg.baz'. The values for each can do $foo$ substitution, such that they can be set using any values passed down from upstream modules. For example, if you were setting the user arg to the value from a SimpleResultsTable:


or if you're using the new SimpleResultsTable keys that Sideview Utils provides, you could do this:

<param name="arg.user">$click.fields.username$</param>   
  • Redirector then takes the user to ?myURL?user=bob&foo=fooValue

  • URLLoader then makes all keys available for downstream modules.

  • when the view loads, Pulldown, TextField and Checkbox will preselect themselves to the variable whose name matches the value of their name param. ie ?user=bob becomes a selection of 'bob' in the Pulldown that has


But read the documentation and the examples - this is only a brief summary of the simplest case. -

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