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Hi all,

I have created an app (using en_GB), some parts of the app are in german (eg. input field names, view names, html content, etc.).
Most users are viewing the app in de_DE, Splunk is translating some english words like "View" to "Anzeigen" this is quite confusing for them and sometimes very misleading. I do want Splunk not to translate anything in this app, but i cannot figure out how to disable localization completly. I do not want to localize certain words for certain languages, just tell Splunk not to translate (partial) things.

I guess this is a very common issue for non-english users, ideas?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


this issue has been introduced with 7.2.0 and has been fixed in 7.2.4.

SPL-162846, SPL-164977



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I have an similar issue, as my payload (i.e. imported content) is misleading:

Example: a service class for computer displays was created as monitor. As most of my users use the german locale to view the dashboard, monitor is translated to "Ueberwachung" which is obviously correct, but misleading in my app and dashboard. Especially, because only some words are translated, not all. Printer is translated, "Multi Functional Device" is not.

Any advise is appreciated!

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