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dbxquery using procedure



I need to run a stored procedure using dbconnect. The stored procedure expects to arguments, an integer, and a Y/N flag. I tried executing the following, but get an "invalid column index" error. I'm running the following:

| dbxquery connection="ERPM" procedure="{call analyticsutil.closebatch(?, ?)}" params="73519178,'Y'"

Anyone run into this before? I read the docs, and this appears to be the proper method for Oracle databases.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

According to, first parameter OUT SYS_REFCURSOR for Oracle database procedure.

If you use an Oracle database, you must store the result in the first parameter and set it as OUT SYS_REFCURSOR. See the Oracle Stored procedure example below for details.

If analyticsutil.closebatch does not contain OUT SYS_REFCURSOR as the first parameter, please try to include it.

Simple example can be found for an Oracle procedure call in the following URL that I created some time ago.

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