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convert First discovered date to human readable date format

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Hi all I am using the default saved search in tenable app for splunk and the first discovered date is in 1568779472 .

How do I convert this value into a human readable date such as 2019/SEP/18

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I am using . Thanks at least now I know what the source time format is in so I can try updating the search

I am having an issue converting the date time format as the first_found and last_found dates are in the drilldown part of the query

I have tried editing the Source XML with
| eval first_found= strfptime(first_found ,"%25Y-%25m-%25dT%25H:%25M:%25S") | eval last_found= strfptime(last_found ,"%25Y-%25m-%25dT%25H:%25M:%25S")

However when I do this the dashboard becomes unclickable.

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Not sure if this got solved, but I was able to get it formatted using the following:

| inputlookup sc_vuln_data_lookup
| eval first_found = strftime(first_found, "%c")
| eval last_found = strfrtime(last_found, "%c")
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There are a couple different ways you could do this.
- You could update your splunk search to convert these in real-time.
- You could customize the saved search to convert the timestamp from epoch to string prior to storing it in the lookup table. NOTE: and provide different timestamp formats or the same values, so if you are using both you will need to take that into consideration with this option.

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