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add additional server to windows app


Just installed splunk for first time. When I first ran the windows app it scanned the localhost and started collecting numerous WMI and logs by default. Is there an easy way to add additional windows servers to be monitored and have them collect these same WMI and logs?

Right now I can only find a way to add addition remote eventlog monitoring.

I'm think one location where I put a server name and it scans for all the different types of inputs and reports which it can find and lets you pick what you want to monitor.



It depends upon what type of information you are trying to obtain from the other servers. The most comprehensive method would be to configure the other servers as either a Splunk light forwarder or as a Forwarder. ( refer to the admin manual page 90 for a detailed explanation )

Hope that helps!

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so basically you need to install splunk on all windows servers and configure the installation to forward the information to the master. correct?

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