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Why should only the Splunk_TA_vmware be deployed on indexers when the default config will generate errors in splunkd ?



VMWare deployment respecting Splunk deployment matrix will generate error messages in indexers splunkd.log

The deployment of the Splunk add-ons for VMWare generate error messages in splunkd.log due to shared objects from the SA-Hydra and SA-VMNetAppUtils.

The deployment matrix provided by Splunk requests only the deployment of the "Splunk_TA_vmware" on the indexers:

alt text

However, if both the SA-Hydra and SA-VMNetAppUtils are NOT deployed on the indexers where the Splunk_TA_vmware is deployed, the following message appears in splunkd:

11-13-2017 10:57:14.208 +0000 ERROR ModularInputs - Introspecting scheme=ta_vmware_collection_worker: script running failed (exited with code 1).
11-13-2017 10:57:14.208 +0000 ERROR ModularInputs - Unable to initialize modular input "ta_vmware_collection_worker" defined inside the app "Splunk_TA_vmware": Introspecting scheme=ta_vmware_collection_worker: script running failed (exited with code 1).

Only the deployment of the SAs will fix this situation, OR renaming / deleting the " Splunk_TA_vmware/default/inputs.conf" and "Splunk_TA_vmware/README/ inputs.conf.spec"

Since Splunk is not requesting the deployment of the Support Add-ons, either the deployment matrix must be fixed, either the packages themselves must be fixed such that deploying the Splunk_TA_vmware alone does create this error by default.


  • Follow the deployment guidance for VMWare addons with a distributed architecture including dedicated indexers instances
  • Check splunkd.log on Splunk startup

Many thanks,

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I'd like to mention that the latest documentation also requests to install this TA on the search head cluster -

From the install guide:

Upload the Splunk Add-on for VMware to your search heads
Stop your Splunk platform instance.
If using a search head cluster, upload SA-Hydra, SA-VMNetAppUtils, Splunk_TA_esxilogs, Splunk_TA_vcenter, and Splunk_TA_vmware to opt/splunk/etc/shcluster/apps/ on the deployer.

In SHC this also produces numerous errors regarding the inability to initialize the modular input. Removal of the inputs.conf and inputs.conf.spec solves this as well.

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You would be best off asking this same question in the "Comments" section of that documentation page. The docs team ROCKS and will get you a better answer and usually more quickly than we can do here.

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Hello, thanks for your answer.

Well I don't necessary say that this is a documentation issue, which is why I am asking the question actually.
This could be as well something to improve from the Splunk_TA_vmware.

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