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Get the T-shirt to Prove You Survived Splunk University Bootcamp

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Splunk Employee

As if Splunk University, in Las Vegas, in-person, with three days of bootcamps and labs weren’t enough, now you can head to class in style with a new, exclusive Splunk University long-sleeve tee. Just register for Splunk University and .conf24 and collect your free gift onsite at .conf24.


Dive into the extraordinary world of Splunk University! Far from your everyday educational event, we bring our vibrant community of customer-users together for an fun-filled journey of career growth and skills-building. Choose from 1-, 2-, or 3-day bootcamps packed with hands-on activities and unbeatable networking opportunities. Come to enhance your Splunk skills, leave feeling empowered and inspired. 

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Pro Tip: We've got several open seats for our popular Transitioning to Cloud Bootcamp, ITSI Administrator Bootcamp, Architect Bootcamp, andObservability Bootcamps -- see details below!



Bootcamp Deep Dive – In Your New Splunk Tee

Prepare to embark on a journey filled with learning opportunities tailored to all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user, we've got you covered with a diverse range of sessions designed to meet your needs. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Three-day Bootcamps (Sunday through Tuesday) | 240 Training Units



Power User Bootcamp

This three-day Bootcamp takes you from A-Z for a Splunk Power User, including topics on how to search, manipulate, correlate, and model data. It combines content from the following courses: Working with Time, Statistical Processing, Comparing Values, Result Modification, Creating Knowledge Objects, Creating Field Extractions, Correlation Analysis, and Data Models.

Enterprise Administrator Bootcamp

This three-day bootcamp prepares administrators to install, configure, and deploy on-prem Splunk environments. It combines content from Splunk Enterprise System Administration and Splunk Enterprise Data Administration.

Advanced Enterprise Administrator Bootcamp

This three-day bootcamp prepares administrators to install, configure, and troubleshoot standalone and clustered Splunk deployments. It combines content from Troubleshooting Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cluster Administration.

App Developer Bootcamp

This three-day bootcamp prepares developers to visualize, integrate, and package data in Splunk. It combines content from Advanced Dashboards and Visualizations, Building Splunk Apps and Developing with Splunk’s REST API.

Observability Bootcamp

This three-day bootcamp prepares DevOps and SRE teams to use Splunk Observability Cloud to monitor and troubleshoot their microservice and monolithic application environments. It combines content from: Introduction to Splunk Observability Cloud, Fundamentals of Metrics Monitoring, Using Splunk APM, Configuring Tracing and Profiling, Using Splunk RUM, and Using Splunk Synthetic Monitoring.

Analytics and Data Science Bootcamp

This two-day Bootcamp prepares users to perform more scientific analysis on their data with the Machine Learning Toolkit. It includes content from Splunk for Analytics & Data Science.


Two-day Bootcamps (Monday through Tuesday) | 180 Training Units



ITSI Administrator Bootcamp

This two-day bootcamp prepares IT practitioners to install, design, implement, monitor and maintain mission-critical services in IT Service Intelligence. It includes new content and content from Using ITSI and Implementing ITSI.

Enterprise Security Analyst Bootcamp

This two-day Bootcamp prepares security practitioners to identify and track security incidents in Splunk Enterprise Security. It includes content from Using Splunk Enterprise Security.

Enterprise Security Administrator Bootcamp

This two-day bootcamp prepares architects and systems administrators to install, configure and manage Splunk Enterprise Security. It includes content from Administering Splunk Enterprise Security.

Cloud Administrator Bootcamp

This two-day bootcamp prepares new administrators to manage users and get data in Splunk Cloud. It includes content from Splunk Cloud Administration.

NOTE: This bootcamp is for Splunk Cloud Administrators who are new to Splunk. If you have experience as a Splunk Administrator on-premise, or have taken the Splunk System and / or Data Administration courses, the Transition to Cloud Bootcamp (1-day) is designed for you.

SOAR Administrator Bootcamp

This two-day bootcamp prepares security practitioners to configure, manage, and use SOAR to investigate, analyze, and automate response to security incidents. It combines content from Investigating Incidents, Administering SOAR, and Developing SOAR Playbooks.


One-day Bootcamps (repeats each day; Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday) | 100 Training Units



Dashboard Studio Bootcamp

This one-day bootcamp is designed for power users who want to learn best practices for building dashboards and forms in Dashboard Studio. It combines content from Introduction to Dashboards and Dynamic Dashboards.

Transition to Cloud Bootcamp

This one-day bootcamp highlights key differences between Splunk Enterprise deployed on-premises and Splunk Enterprise Cloud to allow Splunk Administrators to transition to Splunk Cloud. It includes content from Transitioning to Cloud.

NOTE: This bootcamp is designed for experienced Splunk Administrators who have worked with Splunk Enterprise on-premise and are newly responsible for Splunk Cloud Administration. If you are new to Splunk, the Cloud Administrator Bootcamp (2-day) is designed for you.

Architect Bootcamp

This one-day bootcamp prepares Splunk architects to design, plan, and implement a Splunk deployment. It includes content from Architecting Splunk Enterprise Deployments.

ITSI Analysts Bootcamp

This one-day bootcamp prepares IT practitioners to monitor and visualize services, investigate issues and integrate dashboards. This course contains content from Using ITSI and additional new content.

Blue Team Academy: Cybersecurity Defense Analyst Essentials

This one-day bootcamp combines Splunk knowledge with security best practices to bring new analysts up to speed fast. Get hands-on practice working events and hunting for threats using Splunk Core and Enterprise Security.

Blue Team Academy: Cybersecurity Defense Engineer

In this one-day bootcamp you will learn to optimize SOC workflows using Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk SOAR. We will explore the art and realities of crafting correlation and risk rules, as well as the basics of automating with SOAR playbooks.


Test Your New Knowledge

Take your bootcamp game to the next level with on-site Splunk Certification. At .conf24, you'll have the opportunity to take any Splunk certification exam with PearsonVUE in Las Vegas for only $25 — a steal considering the usual $130 value. Don't miss this chance to showcase your expertise and stand out in the crowd – with a new badge and a new Splunk University long-sleeve t-shirt!


Then, celebrate with us at the “Bragging Rights Spotlight Event” on June 12 in the source=*Pavilion on the Spotlight Stage. RSVP here.


Don’t miss out on Splunk University! Invest in your professional development and take your Splunk expertise to new heights in Las Vegas, June 9-11 and then stay for the fun and excitement of .conf24.

Learn more about the full Splunk University and conf24 experience here. 

Happy Learning!


– Callie Skokos on behalf of the Splunk Education Crew

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