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Why does SQLServer:Deprecated Features not work, it puts the Counters in the Instances field?,Splunk SQL Server Addon : "SQLServer:Deprecated Features" does not populate Counters or Instances properly.

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...the Counters are going into the Instances field instead, which is not ideal as I you then cannot pick an Instance.

Cannot attach image as brand new user and posted, on latest version of Splunk and the Addon both were downloaded today.
,Setting up first Splunk sources using the SQL Server add-on which is Splunk Built.

The Counter text descriptions are not populating correctly in the Web UI as Counters are instead going into the Instances field, which is not much use at all.

Cannot attach an image/file as brand new account.

I suspect that the '#' and '##'... at the start of the second counter is causing something funky.

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