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Why am I unable to configure the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Cloud Services on Splunk 6.1.3?


I downloaded the following Add-on:

I went into "Apps" then selected "Install app from file" and directed it to the tar.gz I downloaded. While the Add-on shows up in the "Apps" section on the Home page, clicking on either "Inputs" or "Configuration" shows what appears to be broken HTML (up top) and further down clicking on "Inputs" shows nothing and clicking on "Configuration" and selecting one of the tabs (Account, Proxy, etc.) shows nothing.

Does this Add-on require some minimum version of Splunk? I'm on 6.1.3.

If not, the App found inside the .tar.gz would appear to be buggy. Neither the README directory or the README.TXT in the download were useful.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Betelgeuse. The docs for this add-on, which you can find here: specify that it requires Splunk platform 6.3.X or later.

I checked the readme file in the package, and the docs link in that file is incorrect, so thank you for mentioning it -- we'll get that corrected.

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