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While trying to get weather data into Splunk using Darksky API Modular input, I am facing the following error : "global name 'symbol' is not defined"


While I am trying to get the weather data into splunk using Darksky API Modular input I am facing an error

---- Encountered the following error while trying to save : global name 'symbol' is not defined ----

name - DarkskyApi
aitkey - **********
longitude - -122.4233
latitude - 37.8267

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It looks like there is an error in the Modular Input. I was able to get it to work by editing one of the files. Here is what I did:

1) Open $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/darksky_ta/bin/ in a text editor
2) Edit line number 48, changing the word 'symbol' to 'apikey'
3) Once modified, your file should look like this:

    def validate_input(self, validation_definition):
        apikey = str(validation_definition.parameters["apikey"])
        logging.error("apikey %s" % apikey)
        if len(apikey) < 1:

After that change, things seem to be working well for me....

Hope that helps!

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sw33t, nice catch

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