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What is the difference between passing Appinspect and cloud vetted?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

When looking on Splunkbase, there are a couple tags for apps such as Appinspect and "cloud vetted". What are the differences?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Cloud Vetting is the process of review, including manual code review, that Splunk uses to determine if a Splunk app is fit for installation on a Splunk Cloud deployment. AppInspect is a static analysis tool that we use as part of the Cloud Vetting process and is available to you, the developer, for validating apps before uploading them to Splunkbase or to your own Splunk Cloud or Splunk Enterprise deployments. 

AppInspect has the ability to flag specific patterns in a Splunk app as, among other things, "success", "fail", or "manual_check". When an app is run against the "cloud" tag  in the AppInspect API, if:

  • no checks return "fail" or "manual_check", then the app is approved for Splunk Cloud automatically
  • any checks return "fail", then the app is rejected and cannot be installed in Splunk Cloud
  • no checks return "fail" but any checks return "manual_check" then the app must go through the full manual Cloud Vetting process

As you're building your Splunk app, I would recommend submitting the app package to the AppInspect API during development and paying close attention to any "manual_check" results. If you have questions about any results that aren't answered by the documentation, you can always reach out to us at 

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AppInspect tag means your Splunk app has passed a set of Splunk-defined criteria so that user can be assured of its quality and robustness.

Cloud vetting is a process in which Splunk determines whether an app is ready for use on Splunk Cloud. Splunk Cloud customers can request vetting of a particular Splunk app. Cloud Vetted tag shows that this app is ready for Splunk Cloud / available in Splunk Cloud.

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